Member Directory

Ellen is a freelance writer, recipe developer and former correspondent for the Tampa Bay Times, where she wrote a regular TASTE section feature as well as reviewed cookbooks. Her website is

John LoScalzo is the owner and chef of LOKO Cuisine.

Jeff Houck is a marketing and public relations manager for the Columbia Restaurant Group. He previously worked in journalism for 25 years, including as the food writer for the Tampa Tribune.

Rebecca Maglischo is the owner of Haka Fitness and director of the Deep Roots Nature School, both located in Lakeland. She is a fitness junkie, outdoor enthusiast, hunter, gardener, conservationist and mom of 2 boys. Her writing is an outlet for thought experiments and an avenue for encouraging readers to embrace new ideas.

Emily L. Hay Hinsdale is a writer and advocate based in Tampa, FL. She writes both non-fiction and fiction with a positive and encouraging vibe. She focuses on interesting people, good stories, and building better, more connected communities - whether that be in schools, travel, or gardens - through sharing real and imagined people’s narratives.

Melissa Santell is the Creative Director of Edible Tampa Bay. She's a native New Yorker with a taste for bringing ideas to life -- in the kitchen and at the office. Melissa is a published cookbook author and the founder of photography + branding studio, FoodxFeels. Her personal heaven includes endless bowls of pasta, working side by side with chefs and writing while basking in the sunshine.

Janet K. Keeler is the senior assigning editor for the freelance team at The Penny Hoarder. She teaches food journalism at University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus and was the longtime food and travel editor at the Tampa Bay Times.

Danielle Rose is a seventh-generation Florida gardener and fisherwoman. She loves gathering friends and family around the table for homegrown food. Find out what she's cooking on her blog, Suwannee Rose.